Kingsway’s Essentials is focused on teaching you four essential habits of the faith. Through Essentials, you will learn, discuss, and apply these daily habits that we know will deepen your personal relationship with Christ. In fact, we are praying for you – that your relationship will be life-long, dynamic and life giving.



Essentials is a 4-part class that is offered on Sundays during our 10:30 service in Cherry Hill. All the weeks need to be completed in order & Part 1 is the 1st Sunday of each month! 
Our Next Round starts on June 2nd
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4 Essential Habits

Week 1 - The Bible

Week 1 of Essentials is all about the Bible – why we should read it, how do we read it and most importantly, how do we apply God’s Word to our lives.

Week 2 - Prayer

Week 2 of Essentials is about Prayer – talking and listening to God on a regular basis is key as a follower of Jesus.

Week 3 - Love

Week 3 of Essentials is about Love – Love is way more than a feeling; God Himself is Love and defines what Love is and isn’t, across all our relationships.

Week 4 - Community

Week 4 of Essentials is focused on Community – God Himself exists in Community and designed us to live in relationship with others. We’ll dive into what biblical Community means.